Schedule A Spring Start Up

Schedule Your Spring Start Up

Spring Start Ups are generally done from April through June but can be done at any time.  Appointments are offered starting from the beginning of April but we recommend that you schedule your appointment April 15th or after unless you need it turned on sooner.  When we start up your sprinkler system we will be connecting the RPZ valve which will freeze and crack when the temperature drops below freezing (32 degrees).  Over the past years we have frequently seen freezing temperatures during the first couple weeks of April.  It is the homeowners responsibility to remove the RPZ valve any time that the temperature drops below 32 degrees after your sprinkler system is started up.  Any cost incurred as a result of leaving the RPZ valve on in freezing temperatures will be the homeowner's responsibility.

If you are starting up your system yourself and need a repair only or RPZ (Backflow) certification only please see links below to schedule those appointments.

The Complete Package - Save $15 off your Total
(Spring Start Up, RPZ Certification, and Winterization)
Spring into Fall - Save $10 off your Total
(Spring Start Up and Winterization)
Springtime Savings - Save $5 off your Total
(Spring Start Up and RPZ Certification) 

Other Services: 

Schedule a Repair

Sign up for an RPZ Certification

Descriptions of Services Offered

Spring Start Up
Includes connection of the RPZ valve, a complete check of all heads, and adjustment of heads where necessary.  Please note: If any additional repairs are needed you will be charged the cost of the spring start up plus the cost of the repair.  The cost of your Spring Start Up does not include the RPZ valve certification cost.

RPZ Valve Certification (Backflow Testing)
Includes testing of the RPZ valve and the result documentation.  We will forward a copy of your test results to your village and also to you for your records.  The cost does not include any repairs to the RPZ unit or any filing fees.  If your village uses BSI or any other outside agency to track their backflow testing, you will be charged an additional filing fee of $15.  If your letter comes from BSI rather than your village there is an additional filing fee and we will need your customer ID that is on that letter to file your certification.  Please notify the office if your valve is leaking, dripping, or cracked.  The RPZ Valve Certification cost is not included in the Spring Start Up cost.

Winterization  - (October)
For Systems Installed by Krupske Sprinkler Systems Only—We do not blow out systems.
Sign up now to have first choice of appointments.  Anyone signed up for the winterization will receive a reminder through the mail and/or email in early September regarding scheduling your appointment.  Winterizations will be done during October.