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What is a Backflow Valve

Wilkins 375 Backflow Valve

We test residential and commercial backflow (rpz) valves online to irrigation systems and domestic water supply. We do not test valves online to fire systems. Krupske Sprinkler Systems is an Illinois licensed plumbing contractor with 3 licensed llinois Cross-Connection Control Device Inspectors (CCCDI). Backflow tests can be scheduled online or by calling our office at (815) 464-6801.

The Illinois Plumbing Code requires that a backflow prevention device be installed on all (Commercial and Residential) irrigation systems to protect the potable water supply. The law not only requires the use of backflow prevention devices, but also that the devices be tested once per year.

Both Agency regulations, 35 Ill. Adm. Code 653.802(e)(1), and the Plumbing Code, 77 Ill. Adm. Code 890.1130, require testing of the backflow assembly at the time of installation and at least annually thereafter. Also, while any Illinois licensed plumber can inspect plumbing or install a backflow device or assembly, only licensed plumbing contractors certified as Illinois Cross-Connection Control Device Inspectors (CCCDI) can test that device or assembly.

Some backflow valves are mounted inside the home; however, most valves online to irrigation systems are mounted outside. If a drop in city or building water pressure occurs, the RPZ valve will open up, dumping water out at a rate of up to 40 gallons per minute for a 1" standard irrigation valve rather than allowing the potentially contaminated water to back-flow into the water supply. This is why we mount our irrigation valves outside unless a municipality requires that the valve be mounted inside.

Backflow valves that are mounted outside are hooked up in the Spring and removed before winter each year to prevent freeze damage. The valve cannot be tested until it is hooked up outside and the water is turned on to the system from inside. The certification is required annually and generally takes place in the Spring or early Summer. Backflow valves that are mounted inside can be tested at any time.

Our certification cost is $55 for 3/4"-1" valves mounted outside online to irrigation systems. The certification cost does not include any repairs to the valve or installation of the valve. The certification cost for 3/4"-1" valves mounted inside online to irrigation systems or domestic water is $95. Pricing varies by size for valves larger than 1". In addition, we charge a $15-17 filing fee if your village requires us to file the test results with an outside agency. When a valve is tested it will pass the test if it is functioning properly and fail if not. If your valve is constantly dripping or leaking, or has a crack it is generally not functioning properly and will need to be repaired or replaced in order to pass the certification test. 

What is a Backflow (RPZ) Valve and Why Do I Need it Tested?