Spring Start Up

Krupske Sprinkler Systems installs only self draining sprinkler systems. Our systems can be easily winterized by our homeowners in about 5 minutes and require no winter blow outs. The first year's winterization is included with all new installations.  Winterizations are generally done in late September and October. Click here to see our winterization instructions. We offer a winterization service for any homeowners or businesses that do not want to do their own winterization.  Winterizations are also offered as part of a discounted yearly service package in the Spring including the Spring Start Up. For more information please click on the link to the Spring Start Up link to the right. Appointments can be made online or by calling our office at (815) 464-6801.

If you represent a homeowners association, or if you are scheduling a winterization for a commercial or government property we ask that you call the office to schedule.

We DO NOT blow out systems.  We only winterize systems that we installed.  If you are unsure of whether we installed your system please call our office and we can look it up.