Schedule a Winterization Blowout

Online scheduling is not available at this time. Our winterization blowouts are completely sold out for the rest of the 2022 season. We recommend calling MBS Water Features out of Frankfort, IL at (815) 464-3090 to see if they have any availability, the company that installed your sprinkler system, or any other company that does winterization blowouts.
Unfortunately, due to labor shortages and air compressor availabilty we have a finite number of blowout appointments available each year. Priority scheduling is given to customers that have us start up their sprinkler system in the Spring and prepay for the winterization blowout at that time. Our available blowout appointments are usually sold out by the middle of September. If you would prefer to use our blowout services in the future we recommend prepaying for your winterization blowout in the Spring or calling to schedule your appointment by the first week of September.